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Aranyagiri Welcomes You

Building a Better Future

A Bit About Our Initiative

'Tree Adoptions at Aranyagiri' was started in 2019 with a desire to let people who are occupied in the city lives to get back to their roots and get attached to nature in a unique way. Imagine building your own garden within our garden and getting the benefits from your treee/trees directly delivered to your home. At Aranyagiri, we provide people and organizations of all backgrounds a chance to reach or touch their ancestral farming roots as we are moving away from this beautiful nature in todays corporate world. We invite you to learn more about how you can get involved in our Rewarding yet Nature Conservation Foundation today.

Discover Our Offerings

Virtual Nature Conservation

Personal Name Tags on your adopted trees

Pluck your own fruits

Your Garden within our Garden

Rewarding Benefits at the Resort

A Big Boost to the farming future ideology


Mango Trees

Kesar Variety

Do you like the exotic fragrance and colour of saffron? This luxury spice has mesmerised people all over the world with the unique flavour it imparts to any dish. With summer about to go full throttle, it is officially time for three things – mangoes, mangoes, and more mangoes. What if you could combine the goodness of both – mango and saffron? Impossible? Well, nature made it possible with authentic Kesar mangoes. Kesar is India’s second mango variety in terms of exports.



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